Monday, April 25, 2011

New Page

heyho everyone, so long time no write ya haha
G'evening ....
we just finished our mid semester, and we also got the result haha
mine is not bad, how about yours? wkwk just enjoy the result and spent the last holiday with have fun, didn't we? don't you made it made you frustrated okay?
let's face with REMEDIAL, this week haha just for save your raport semester oks?
which one you want to enter? is that science? or social class? that's up to you but wherever you are DO NOT EVER YOU forget about us ya ! ohya i'm looking for who want being admin . because i'm too busy rite now i can online this blog for a long time enough . can be a few months . so if you interest to being ADMIN . contact me !!! okay , don't be afraid i won't eat you haha okay enough for now . maybe next i'll post many photos of us  . just wait yaa :D
love ya......

see ya around

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