Tuesday, November 23, 2010

xeight family

g' evening everyone :)
long no type ' eh? yaya admin got busy with stuff about school . bytheway today we made something funny . yeah about us, i'll just type, but later i'll post the photos . oke?
we made it in indonesian language , later i'll translate it .

Family tree of Xeight .
Ardi married with Intan, they have 2 chidren . their children are Junita and Hans . their children grew up with a good situation . and they meet their couple , then they got married . Junita with Fajar and Hans with Fiola . Junita and Fajar have a cute child, named Marshall . Hans and Fiola have a twins, there are Tari and Kenza . Junita and Fajar finally broke up because they have many problems . and for few time, Junita remarried with Irsyad . Junita and Irsyad have a cute boy called Rivalldi . Marshall and Rivalldi became a good brothers . Marshall and Tari meet at one time when they hang out with their friends . thay fell in love and then they got married in 19 . Marshall and Tari have 2 children, there are Ayu and Nofal . Ayu have a boyfriend in junior high shool until they got married . her husband is George . and Nofal have a girlfriend in senior high school and they're still together until became mom and dad . his wife is Uswahari . Ayu and George have 2 cute daughter , there are Dinda and Kenna . like a teenage girls they were a popular girls . they have a good boyfriends for them . because they're still together until they decision to married . Dinda's husband is Parada and Kenna's husband is Hanif .

we continue it later see ya

love admin :)

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