Monday, April 25, 2011

Really Early Post

Hello guys or every one, this is Arief Triadi now.
i'm trying to become an admin, haha. sorry if my english doesnt better, try to be better next time.
if my post is too fast or too earlier? so, sorry then.
wait... why my name does not exist here? so sad
well, i gonna introduce my self now..

I'm Arief Triadi, just call me Arief or Adi 
(the other call me: bayangan/shadow, melayang/fly, etc.) 
im the black one, the good one, the smartest one  <<= only dream
and maybe i will be the new one admin.. horaaay hahaha

okay enough for introducing, i know you are not interest with me..
but, you will happy beside me.. i promise..

Okay, Thanks fully for reading my post
this post is just an interlude.. 
See yaa next time, when i post again

1 comment:

  1. di... hahaha gue baru baca ada post dari lo, share-ing lagi dong pak haji!