Friday, November 19, 2010

november for us .

Night everyoneee :)
long time no type 'eh? yaya like you know lahs, mysterious admin got busy with all stuff about homework test and school . and now i get a time to type some about us .
first i made a list who was born on november,
  • Widiantari N : 20 november 1994
  • Nofaldi P : 21 november 1995
  • Ikhsan P : 9 november 1995
  • Ervin P : 5 november 1994
  • Marshalino P : 2 november 1995
they got what we want, "egg and flour" on their head haha :p i want post about their surprise birthday party, okay except ikhsan, because his birthday, we didn't something very special for him, i'm sorry ikhsan .
i'll post the photos later, but i'll post a gift to all of you :D
HB, November ! wishes all of you the best for everything . have a great year and life !!

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