Monday, July 25, 2011

GOODBYE, Kenna Sayang !

i've ever told you about KRISKENNA NADHILA, haven't i? yeah, she the beauty one . she is the best thing xeight ever have. i just felt it just a bad dream, so i don't know how to tell you about this news .

Guys, we've already lost her the day before today . Allah takes her with him, and i hope Kenna have the best side besides him . she had died yesterday, at 09.50 PM in PMC (Pamulang Medical Centre) . today, we went to there . to her house . when i met her, i just think that she's just asleep and she can waked up one time . but i know, what i thought is just a thing never be happened .

for ours KENNE :
  1. Ken, xeight promise to you . we shall take care of your lovely boyf until we graduate or whenever .
  2. Ken, oneday all of us shall meet there and makes a reunion . so don't ever you feel lonely,okay?
  3. Ken, we always love for ever we were . and you must know that we're very care with you .
  4. Ken, Big Thanks for been a part of us . thanks because you ever been family for us . and thanks because you should be there for us .
  5. Ken. we're so sorry for our bad attitude to you . sorry if i'm very often insult you as "nci, buncit, tante, sipit, silau, etc" i'm so sorry ken, we love you kok .
  6. the last thing, i wanna tell you that the rigidity one who let you with his big smile is RIVALDY ANNAS .your lovely boy, your lovely husband, your lovely best friend, your lovely boyfriend . he wasn't cry, even we know how sad he is to lost you is like the feeling your family lost you . yeah may i regard you something, BOTH OF YOU IS THE PERFECT TEEN COUPLE, i ever met .

Kenna Sayang, we have last song for you :D
i hope you like it yaa ....


Mengenangmu di hari itu
Di saat ku masih bisa melihat senyumanmu
Meyapamu di pagi itu
Di saat ku masih bisa bercanda dan berbagi tawa

Namun kini kau telah pergi dan takkan kembali
Semoga kau dapatkan tempat terbaik
Di sisinya

Bilakah kau bersedih bila kau menangis
Kan kuhapus tangisku asal kau bahagia
Dan bilakah kau kini telah disisinya
Kuharap kau disana tetap selalu tersenyum ceria

Namun kini kau telah pergi dan takkan kembali
Semoga kau dapat tempat terbaik
Di sisinya

oneday we shall sing this for you ya :D
kens, love you -AUTISWONDERLAND


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