Friday, June 17, 2011

will be goodbye or hello ?

Tomorrow will be a judgement day for xeight, especially for #nipam21. It shall be a 'shocking' day, because mrs. Lia will give us the raport and tell you about what will you enter for grade XI . Is that science or social ? I hope we will enter the class that we've interested with it . "Wherever we were, my heart still for xeight" said one of us . And yeah, I agree with it . We're strange before, we're a part before, we're different before . But now, we're family, we're one. And we're same . One family in autiswonderland, being one for ours solidarity and ours carring on. And same place we grow for a year, xeight.

If we're in a different class, don't forget my advice "we're one, we're family, we're same" wherever you are, we've ever being family and like you know there's no "EX" for family.

I hope there's no goodbye between us , even I know every. "Hello" will meet "goodbye" but I hope there's a nice goodbye that we can remember for ever :D

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