Saturday, June 18, 2011


guys, big congratulation to all of you !
for who entered social, "Don't be conceited, if you meet us. we're still family! :D"
for who entered science, "Don't be arrogant, if god give us excuse insyaallah we'll meet again in grade XI. amin!"
tari's said "hey xeight :') hasil perjuangan kita terbayar lunas sekarang.. kita naik kelas semua! masuk dengan jurusan masing2.. now we will start our new life.. smg yg masuk ips bahagia ya dan yg ipa sekelas lagi amiiin.. yg ips maen maen ya nanti :3"  hey xeight :D our struggle paid off now, we all took a grade XI . entered class that we had interested with it . now we will start our new life... i hope for who entered social class being happy and for who entered science class, we'll in one class again AMIN.. for science class, be often to play together ya :D

big AMIN for it haha... 
btw, holiday is already come ! HURAY ! we'll made a farewell party to our lovely mommy, mrs Lia .
yeaah we should miss her so much, she is a nice woman, great teacher and lovely mommy . for place, date and event in process . so wait yaa :D 

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