Sunday, July 22, 2012


before the story, i want share some feeling with all. are you realize? it has been a year ago, since we're separated. but all about us never get lost. admin always miss all about you, your laugh, your cries, your vituperation, and everything about us!

guys, don't you remember at 24th of july ours friend has gone with peace? ours sweetest ! 
yeah ms. Kriskenna Nadhila binti Wahyu Hendrajaya.

Kriskenna Nadhila binti Wahyu Hendrajaya 

 yeah it's should be a year yet. and H-20 we'll welcome Fasting Month, yea RAMADHAN! i want to invite y'all, do you mind if we visit her before Ramadhan's month comes? do you want join? contact me if you do, and you'll always know how to meet me ;) haha 

okay, if we talk about fasting month. a cleaning month, the month which burn all your sins with doing good things.

okay enough for now, see you soon my only :*
wish you get ur HAPPY RAMADHAN!!

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