Friday, July 15, 2011

hello SCIVEN nice to meet you! :D

Hello guys.. do you want to know the destiny of our beloved class, XEIGHT? let me tell you..

first.. when we don't know what will our class be on next grade.. we're going panic.. we thinking about anything possibility... we're thinking that what will be if we are separated from each other.

second.. if we are separated from each other and mixed with students from another class.. we know there's something that we don't know to happen will happen..

but God give us a miracle.. yes.. the second chance for us.. we are together again in one class.. we are XI SCIENCE 7 now :D we call our class with SCIVEN.. SCIence seVen :3

but we lost Egi, Tina, Haikal, and Kenza :'( they are rest in peace in XI SOCIAL 2..

neverthless.. they are still part of us.. will always be part of us :*

XI Science 7   XI Social 2 :3

and God give us one more surprise! two new members! :D

here you are... our new members :D

1. Sagita Rarasati
             she came from X.6, SI department.. Kenna's friend and chairmate.. now she is start going crazy because the 'virus' of Xeight. we call her Gita :D

2. Syahrul Ramadhana
              he came from X.1 Reguler department.. he is a twothumb keeper :D a nice boy in class.. but he start going crazy too like gita. we call him Dona.. he is ikhsan's chairmate. on photo dona is on left.

Yak.. thats our beginning on XI grade..
lets make this year our year! :D


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