Friday, June 10, 2011

HB !

Happy birthday MAY and JUNE !!
wishes all of you the best things for your life !
have a great year, and a great life !

List birthday on MAY and JUNE :
  • Arief Triadi (sec admin) on MAY, 08
  • Dinda Erobathriek on JUNE, 08
  • Hanif Mediandra on MAY, 18
  • Intan Berlian Simamora on MAY, 05
  • Junita Putri Anwar on JUNE, 05
  • Kenza Emeraldy on JUNE, 27
Happy Birthday ! little note for you, MAY and JUNE!

i hope all of your wishes come true ! amin
bytheway, we'll up to grade 11 (amin!) whatever your choise, is that social or science .
don't ever you forget us, maybe we're not together anymore . but, we've became one family in xeight .
so don't be haughty to us.... moreover there's no worst to say 'hi' with your ex-family, isn't it?

okay, enough for now . i must finish my final homework to fill the blank score and prepare to the last exam tomorrow . so good bye..........
have a nice holiday yaaa.............

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